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The PRP Facial

February 4, 2019

The PRP Facial


It’s been dubbed the Vampire Facial and made famous by a certain celeb that favours the letter K. PRP Facials have been made out to sound intense and even a bit obscene, but is this infamous treatment really worth it in an attempt to achieve the elusive no-filter glow? 


Let’s first start off by saying that the technology and treatment have come a long way since its first televised appearance. Today PRP Facials look much different than back then and the benefits of having PRP treatments are only increasing.


What is a PRP Facial?

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. Before the treatment starts, a vile of blood is drawn from the patient, the sample is then placed in a centrifuge where the platelets are separated from the blood. A yellow concentrate of platelet rich plasma forms and it’s applied to the face after micro-needling. Needling creates minute channels for the PRP so it can really reach the deeper layers of the skin and get to work.   Applied during micro-needling procedure, the needles help push platelets into the skin.  Alternatively platelets can be injected into the skin by means of a meso-therapy procedure.


There are other ways to administer PRP, but we’ve found micro-needling to be the most comfortable, effective and result driven technique. Micro-needling as we’ve written before is also known as collagen induction therapy. On its own it’s extremely effective in treating scarring, skin ageing, uneven texture and hydration. So just imagine what it can do when combined with PRP.


The benefits of having PRP Facials

PRP is such a hot topic because of the high concentration of growth factors it contains. Growth factors are proteins that play a fundamental role in healing and rejuvenation. There are many serums on the market today that incorporate growth factors in their formulations, but these are often bio-engineered in a lab. With PRP we are able to use growth factors from your own body which are immediately recognisable by the skin’s cells and it leaves very little chance of irritation.


Growth factors work by activating the skin cells’ inherent regenerating and multiplying ability. Healthy skin cells also produce sufficient collagen and elastin that keep our skin firm and supple. In our 20’s our cells start to become rusty and so does its ability to rejuvenate and produce healthy collagen and elastin. This can also be a result of external factors such as excessive sun exposure or pollution. As we near our late 20’s patients often notice enlarged pores, uneven rough skin and fine lines start to appear.


By micro-needling PRP into the skin we are able to jump start the cells to function as ‘normal’ again. What you will see is skin that is visibly rejuvenated, more even and radiant as the growth factors stimulate healthy cell turnover. If you complete a series of treatments, you will also see fewer fine lines and pigmentation.


To book your PRP Facial, please contact us today for an appointed at 010 822 3151.

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