Zapping Your Embarrassing Body Concerns Using Plasmatek Wireless

December 5, 2018

We all have secrets. Embarrassing secrets. Things we hide, cover-up and disguise. Things we don’t want anyone to know about. No, we’re not talking about that slab of chocolate you devoured last night or your collection of themed salt and pepper shakers. We’re talking about embarrassing body concerns like moles, skin tags, pigmentation, warts, scars, acne, cherry angiomas and that tattoo you got when you were too young.

“Patients usually hide these concerns because they feel self-conscious, when in fact most of these things are completely normal and even more importantly, telling of our general health,” explains Dr Yair Edinburg. The skin is often considered a mirror of our health – it can reflect imbalances and underlying concerns and other times it’s just reacting to the aging process.


Well, now Aurora Medical Aesthetic Centre has its own little secret (weapon) – the Plasmatek Wireless.


What is it?

The Plasmatek is a revolutionary wireless device that zaps embarrassing skin concerns easily and effectively. The non-surgical machine uses plasma technology to ablate the skin and requires little to no down-time depending on the treatment. The energy supplied by the device charges the air between the tip of the device and the skin, this ionises the particles to generate micro lightening that causes very precise and localized ablation on the top layers of the skin.


Why choose this over conventional treatment?

Plasmatek uses the latest technology to effectively and safely remove things such as moles, Seborrhoeic Keratosis, warts and cholesterol deposits with very little discomfort or pain. While concerns such as droopy eyelids, scarring or acne can be treated non-invasively and requires little to no down-time.


How does the treatment work?

Let’s take a look at these concerns and how the Plasmatek is used to treat them:


Droopy eyelids

Droopy eyelids might seem like an aesthetic concern, but for many patients this physically affects their vision and their quality of life. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic operation that removes the excess skin. Surgery no matter how small, always carries risk. The long down-time necessary for recovery is not always practical and patients are left with small scars where the excess skin was removed.  

With the Plasmatek only the excess skin is ablated, and the procedure is done in-office. The ablation stimulates rejuvenation and tightening of the sagging skin. Only a topical anesthetic or a nerve blocker is required during treatment, and the healing process normally takes between 7 and 15 days, but patients are able to resume their daily normal activities after a treatment. There is also no scarring as no incisions are made, further improving the aesthetic appearance of the eye area. More than one treatment might be needed, patient depending.




The moles identified for removal are properly assessed before treatment for any tell-tale signs of malignancy. Both large and superficial moles are safely and effectively removed in the office using the Plasmatek. The procedure is quick and there is very little chance of scarring making is aesthetically the best choice for removing moles.



Though warts are caused by a virus on the skin they’re generally not dangerous. They can sometimes be painful but most only cause someone to feel self-concious. The Plasmatek is used to not only remove the wart but also remove and destroy all traces of the virus and decrease the reappearance of any warts.



Both atrophic and hypertrophic scars can be treated using the Plasmatek. Scars caused by injury, acne or by illnesses such as chicken pox are easily treatable with this device. Depending on the scar, three to five treatment session are required. We recommended a healing time of at least four weeks between each session. After each treatment the scar or scars will appear smoother and the skin rejuvenated.



Discolouration of the skin in the form of pigmentation can be caused by excessive sun exposure that triggers an overproduction of melanin in the epidermis or in reaction to inflammation in the skin that causes hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation can be especially tricky to treat as the problem occurs in the deeper layers of the skin. Two to three superficial ablation treatments are recommended for the treatment of stubborn pigmentation.



Also known as cholesterol deposits, Xanthelasma are benign formations of cholesterol fat that appear around the eyes. The Plasmatek is a great option to treat all types of Xanthelasma as it presents the least risk and effectively removes all deposits. The treatment normally only requires one session and no reoccurrence will appear on the treated areas.


Dermatitis Papulosa Nigra (DNS)

DNS are small benign growths that occur as a result of photodamage in the skin. They are regularly found in darker skin types, usually on the face or neck and should not be mistaken for moles. The removal can be done without numbing cream and leaves the skin without any scarring or downtime.


Seborrhoeic Keratosis

This is one of the most common non-cancerous skin growths found on the human skin and it is completely normal and removable. These lesions appear in various colour's from light tan to black, they appear round or oval, can feel flat or slightly elevated (like the scab on a healing wound) and ranges in size from very small to more than 2.5 centimetres in diameter. The Plasmatek is able to remove Seborrhoeic Keratosis growths without leaving any scars.


Hiding you’re embarrassing body concern might only make it worse – let Aurora Medical Aesthetic Centre help you. Contact us for more information or to book your consultation with Dr Yair Edinburg.

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