The Benefits of Vitamin Drips

December 5, 2018

Intravenous therapy has been a hot topic these past few years. Celebrities, athletes and even business execs are signing-up to have IV treatments, but what’s all the hype about and more importantly should you be getting it?


In this blog we’ll answer all your pressing questions about Intravenous Treatments, explain how it works and how it can be used as part of a treatment plan to improve your health.


What are Vitamin Drips?

Intravenous treatments (Vitamin Drips) are a combination of essential vitamins and minerals administered directly into the vein through a saline drip. This treatment was first made popular more than 40 years ago by Dr John Myers in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr Myers prescribed an IV infusion of vitamins and minerals to many of his patients who struggled with chronic conditions such as fatigue, depression and also heart palpitations. The IV treatment was used as a complementary therapy to a treatment plan based on each patient’s concern and medical history and to this day the Myers Cocktail is used as a panacea for many health concerns. Today however, doctors have become savvier and developed customised IV treatments to address a variety of concerns.


How are Vitamin Drips used today?

At Aurora Aesthetic Medical Centre we have selected specific Vitamin Drips to address a variety of concerns. Our IV treatments can help boost compromised immune systems, improve skin health and radiance, address chronic fatigue and burn-out, improve the body’s detoxification abilities and address iron deficiencies.  


Do Vitamin Drips replace my supplements?

No, Vitamin Drips are a complementary treatment and we do not recommend it as a replacement for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We still urge our patients to follow a healthy diet, keep up a regular exercise plan and take oral supplements as prescribed by their GP. IV treatments are designed to help patients on their way to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and give them the boost they need to achieve their goals.


Won’t I just excrete most of the vitamins and minerals anyway?

The therapeutic levels of antioxidants and minerals in the IV treatment are directly administered to the bloodstream, making higher concentrations more accessible for absorption. The body will absorb what it needs, and the rest will be metabolized by the kidneys and excreted. In many cases, patients who struggle with gastro-intestinal diseases, suffer from burn-out, stress or regularly compete in athletic races are not always able to ingest the necessary levels of antioxidant and minerals to maintain their energy levels. Through IV infusions we are able to safely supplement and treat their deficiencies effectively. It’s also important to note that oral supplements are only partially absorbed in the GI tract and are not always as affective as one would hope. To the same extent patients who struggle with GI diseases are not always able to absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals from their food and these patients greatly benefit from Vitamin Drips.  


I’ve heard that Vitamin Drips can help cure a hangover, is this true?

When you’re hungover your body is flooded with toxins produced by alcohol. One of the effects of the alcohol is that it dehydrates the body which also worsens the symptoms of a hangover. Unfortunately, as we get older our bodies become less effective in metabolising these toxins and the hangover lasts much longer than the fun times you had last night. A Vitamin Drip can help to quickly replenish the body with fluids, beneficial antioxidants and minerals to minimise the effects of the hangover. It’s important to remember that the best way to cure a hangover will always be to prevent it. Drink water in-between alcoholic drinks, eat and be mindful of how much alcohol you consume.


Are you a candidate for a Vitamin Drip?

Aurora Aesthetic Medical Centre’s Vitamin Drips cater to a variety of concerns, and chances are high that you can benefit from a boost of vitamins and minerals after a crazy busy festive season. A thorough consultation will assist us in determining the right treatment for you and help you achieve your new year goals.

For more information on our Vitamin Drips or to book your consultation and appointment, please contact Aurora Aesthetic Medical Centre today at (011) 783 7367

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